Feeding yourself optimally is a full-time job. Outsource it to us.

We'll curate your ideal meal plan, order the food for you, and optimize the process over time. Like magic.

Powering colleagues at dozens of Companies

How it works

Tell us your goal

Pick your desired diet or chat with one of our dietitians to figure out what's best for you

From Keto to traditional diets, to specific macros or heavily restrictive diets, we'll fit into your goals.

Magic Logistics

We'll curate options that fit your preferred diet from multiple vendors + handle all logistics to get you the food you need

We're like a nutritionist + executive assistant in your pocket so that what you need magically arrives when you need it

Weekly Optimization

We improve recommendations and logistics over time

We make weekly updates based on changing preferences, goals, or travels. Eventually cool data integrations too!

The Value


Remove cognitive load and stress from solving nutrition

Save Time

Save time in figuring out what to eat and fulfilling logistics


Data-driven health optimization, with minimal effort

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